Skills Academy for Youths from Less Advantaged Families – Ponty Chadha Foundation

New Chance for Better Life

Since 1963 the WAVE group has been succeeding in many fields of industry: sugar and paper manufacturing, distilleries, real estate, mall and multiplexes, liquor retail and distribution. With so much accompanied success The Wave group through its CSR intends to aid less privileged families to get education and knowledge of some skills, helping them with their future employment according to their desire. Skills Academy for Youths from Less Advantaged Families – PCF serves the very purpose within Ghaziabad and beyond. The Ponty Chadha foundation that aims at the security of so many vulnerable families was the initiative of Mrs. Jatinder Kaur Chadha in order to make her late husband’s wish come true, was founded September 14.

Ponty Chadha Skills Academy

The Skills academy for the youth from the less advantaged families-Ponty ChadhaFoundation provides the young generation with CSR programs that includes: potential boost of the youth from vulnerable families, it provides them will specialized skills, gives them basic education and helps them acquire computer skills. No matter where they live in the urban or rural areas, all are accepted and assisted in their further employment, sure, in accordance with their wills.

The Skills Academy is developed on 6 acres in Dasna and it can hold and train 120-150 students per training program. All accommodation is provided for living: kitchen and washroom; rooms for training and lectures, labs, administrative unit, stores and venues and open space. Initially the academy will start with security services and facility management, firefighting and soft skills, later the young people will be trained at construction sites and in real estate sector in order to get more experience in the skills gotten at the Academy. At present students at the Skills Academy are trained to face challenges, to deal with difficulties at workplace and to overcome them, they are trained as to be future disciplined workers with necessary knowledge background and abilities to meet all criteria at their employment spot. The training program and curriculum will be based on the acceptable industry standards. It is for technical, soft and basic computer skills.

As for methodology, it will comprise in itself lectures, team building, audio and visual teaching methods, practical lessons and a real time on job training. For the guarantee of a highly professional program creation, the advisory board is formed with industry experts and senior management of the WAVE group.

Besides taking care of the youth education and giving them a chance for better life, the foundation cares for the health of such families and is actively involved in the healthcare program that includes: free diagnostic camps for villages , where there are a lot of vulnerable families and cannot effort expensive doctor services in the cities. Healthcare is a part of CSR program and the foundation together with Mr. Ram Saran Garg Indo German hospital has formed 40 health camps and served 5, 200 people within the villages included into the program area hitherto.

The benefits brought by the foundation is beyond compare as they provide vulnerable people with all essential services they are unable to effort themselves and one of them is food. The foundation supports such families by delivering rice, grain, and biscuits having high energy quality. Thus, giving them secure life, hope and chance for better life.

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