Benefits of Skill Development – The Ponty Chadha Foundation

In general, skill development means developing the set of talents within yourself to add value to your life and to the organization to which you are associated with. However, it is not only about creating and fostering oneself but enhancing the potentials of others by conducting several skill development programs.

Skill development is a lifelong learning process where a person continuously seeks for improving, proving, and gaining the important benefits in life. One of the organizations “The Ponty Chadha Foundation” initiated by Mrs. Jatinder Kaur Chanda with the view of giving back to the society and creating a stronger base for the upcoming generation is successfully handing different services for skill development of the people in different areas. This foundation is engaged in providing skill training for underprivileged rural and urban youth, healthcare, special education campaign for differently abled children, their rehabilitation, and food security (“Corporate Social Responsibility Program – The Ponty Chadha Foundation“). All these programs are facilitating youth, children and people of rural and underprivileged section. Hence, skill development is a beneficial thing and in general its benefits are discussed below.

Skill development basically adds value to your life and others; a process of developing yourself and helping others to enhance through different trainings, seminars, educational centers, rehabilitations centers and many other skills enhancing programs. Let’s start analyzing the importance of skill development through an organizational framework. If you are a boss of a company, you will be successful in handling the workforce and other resources of the company as now you are skilled. Similarly, training and development to your workforce will strengthen the talent of your staffs which will create huge of better quality that is obvious for your company to gain success in the world market place.

Moreover, woman empowerment programs in the name of skill development can prove very effective in least development countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Cambodia where women are judged as second citizen of the nation on the basis of their gender irrespective of their real talents and capabilities. Such empowerment programs can modify their attitude, add skills on them and the main thing is they gain confidence to raise voice against injustice.

Furthermore, when men and women of a nation are provided with skill development programs, they can foster their entrepreneur skills so that their ideas are finally reflected in business activities creating employment to number of energetic and enthusiastic youth. The employment provide income, higher income means high standard of living, high purchasing power, high demand, high obligation to the organization to meet those demands which will force them to hire more workforce and the same cycle continues. When a development starts from a single territory of any nation, it will start growing gradually to other sectors finally leading to the development of the whole nation.

Hence, self development starts with developing yourself at first, helping other to develop and finally developing the whole nation.




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