2000+ Patients Turned Out in PCF Health Camps within 3 Months

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr.
health camp 1Inculcating this thought, The Ponty Chadha Foundation, a CSR initiative by The Wave Group is continuously working towards the betterment of the underprivileged sections of the society. In its series of social welfare drives, PCF regularly organises preventive health check camps in various villages and construction labour settlements of WAVE City and Sun City in Ghaziabad. More than 15 health camps were held during the first 3 months of 2018, in remote villages like Usman Garhi, Bamheta, Chhidoli, Bhor Garhi, Duajan, Kazipura, and various construction sites where majority of the people are deprived of even the basic medical facilities.

With the underlying objectives of providing primary curative healthcare services, creating general healthcare awareness and counselling women on reproductive and child health practices, these health camps have diagnosed and treated thousands of patients with an average of 150+ patients per camp.

health camp 2Out of the total patients treated at the camp, more than 50% were women, around 15% men and 30% children. These health camps were set up in schools, temples and other common areas of the villages.

To make sure that all the patients get first-class consultation and holistic healthcare, a team of doctors from the Indo German Hospital were appointed for these camps. Apart from the specialists, the staff also included paramedics and medical dispensing staff. The primary responsibility of the staff was to assist the doctors while performing the initial tests on the patients for hypertension, diabetes, checking pulse rate, blood pressure, weight, etc. These health check camps threw light on some common medical conditions diagnosed across the villages. These conditions included joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory system disorders, UTI, anaemia, and haemoglobin deficiency. All these patients diagnosed with various health conditions were provided with free consultations, followed by free medication.

health camp 3PCF has been extending much-needed compassion, care and basic privileges to the lesser privileged sections of the society for years. Healthcare is one of the key areas that needs a direct focus from the government as well as corporate India, if we want to uplift our nation. With these health check camps, The Ponty Chadha Foundation is doing its part in contributing to the society, and in doing so, it inspires other successful brands to do the same. It’s time we all come forward and reach out to the people who can’t get the basic amenities on their own. Because we believe that a nation is as progressive and prosperous as its citizens.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/health/2000-patients-turned-out-in-pcf-health-camps-within-3-months/


One Step To Freedom: Helping India Grow One Step At A Time

Freedom is a feeling that cannot be touched or seen. It can only be felt. A sense of liberation, to be able to lead a life of our choice – that’s independence for every human.

Be it a man or a woman, a child or an elderly – everyone is entitled to live a barrier-free life. At the Ponty Chadha Foundation, we believe in the liberation of the Indian youth from unemployment, women from defecating in open, children with special needs from being dependent on someone, and people in general from health ailments.

With our #OneStepToFreedom, we enable the citizens to be capable of living a life free from dependency on others, a life of dignity. Our motto is to make each Indian feel free with our initiatives. Here’s how we have brought smiles to children and adults alike:

Breaking Communication Barriers
At PCF, we help people overcome their inability/disability to communicate fluently. Our mobile app, Vaakya, enables the speech impaired to communicate effectively through pictures. We also provide sign language training to help them express their emotions effortlessly.

Skills Academy
Wave Skills Academy is a world-class training institute, which imparts trainings to the Indian youth for making them earn a livelihood. The youth is trained in hospitality, security services, fire-fighting, housekeeping, etc.

With regular Health Checkup Camps the Ponty Chadha Foundation ensures the rural India enjoys the best of health conditions. Regular free health checkup camps are conducted in villages to provide good health to everyone.

Spreading Awareness About Rural Sanitation
Every citizen is entitled to live a clean and hygienic life. We ensure that the rural population is aware of the hygienic conditions they need to maintain around them to enjoy a healthy life.

Building A Happy And Independent India
Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is an initiative close to our hearts. It was found to help our children become capable to contribute to the growth of a successful India. We help kids with special needs to overcome their disabilities to lead a normal and happy life.

Ensuring No One Sleeps On An Empty Stomach PCF, in collaboration with the India Food Banking Network, works towards ensuring people below the poverty line do not go to sleep on an empty stomach. A healthy India is a wealthy India – that’s what we believe in. And that’s why we provide underprivileged communities with essential food items.

To sum things up, our #OneStepToFreedom is an initiative to enable each citizen with a healthy and independent life. We are proud to be fulfilling this responsibility with utmost honesty. And we request you all to join us in making India a nation free from poverty, ill health and illiteracy.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/inspiration/onesteptofreedom/

Ponty Chadha Foundation Health Camp in Duriya & Kachera

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

This quote from Jim Rohn is just a simple set of words, but carries a very complex and deep meaning. Amidst the hustle & bustle of our lives, we forget to take care of our health and body, which later harms us in different ways. The situation however is worse with the underprivileged, who have to work tirelessly for long hours to feed their families. This ultimately takes a toll on their health, and leads to diseases and complications, which if not checked in time, leads to irreparable damage.

In order to make the lives of the rurals a bit easier, The Ponty Chadha Foundation organizes health camps that provide health services for free.

In the month of June and July, we visited 2 villages; Duryai and Kachera, which are located in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Soon after our arrival, the women, children and the elderly formed a line outside the clinic we had set up. A total of 242 hopeful villagers came to discuss their health issues, and each patient was screened by the specialists from Dr Ram Saran Garg Indo German Hospital.

From anemia, to maternal health, the doctors patiently listened to every health problem faced by the villagers and prescribed them with the suitable medications. Our team was swift in providing the villagers with the required medicine, and ensured that everyone was well taken care of.

People in the rural areas are often excluded from attaining health services due to various reasons, but the common one out of all is that of inadequate finances. Therefore, the Ponty Chadha Foundation has set up this mission to provide quality health services to the poor.
As an organization, our sole aim is to provide ample access to the essential medical services, which can help improve the life of those in need.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/health/pcf-health-camp-in-duriya-kachera/

Health camp in the villages of Raghunathpur and Chhidoli

“It is health tHEALTH CAMP - APRILhat is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Standing true to it’s vision of helping the underprivileged section of the society, the Ponty Chadha Foundation organises health camps every year in order to help the needy who are deprived of the basic facilities related to health care.

Poor access to healthcare is one of the most pressing challenges faced by the vulnerable and marginal sections of society. Due to lack of proper medical care, 28% to 30% people die every year that includes infants, pregnant women and the elderly. In order to combat this challenge and help reduce the number of deaths, Ponty Chadha Foundation has embarked on a path to bring about a positive change in the lives of those who are poverty-stricken.

Two such health camps were organised this month on 11th and 19th of April  both which are a part of Ghaziabad. The major health problem faced by both these villages were diseases related to skin and flowing ear. Out of the total population of the village Raghunathpur which is 1640, the total number of people who attended the camp were 142. As for the village Chhidoli, 134 people attended the camp out of the total population of 3000.

There were two doctors present at the site to address the problems faced by the villagers out of which one of them was Dr. Ram Saran Garg who is from Indo-German Hospital. He has been a part of PCF since a long time and has helped us organise successful camps in different villages of Noida and Ghaziabad. The patients were checked through thoroughly by specialized doctors and were given elementary medicines free of cost. All the expenses incurred for conducting the health camps are borne by the Foundation.

Manjir Ghosh, the PCF head was of the view that health camps are basically organised with the purpose of serving the poor and the underprivileged section of the society. The lack of medical facilities for the needy was a crucial matter and hence the idea of conducting health camps in these villages would benefit people immensely.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/health/health-camp-raghunathpur-and-chhidoli/

Health Camps organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation

The Ponty Chadha foundation is an initiative of the wave group whose vision is to give back to the society and empower the communities. All the charitable activities are taken care of by the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) wing of the group.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life with what we give.”

And with this motive in mind, Mrs Jatinder Kaur Chadha initiated The Ponty Chadha Foundation on September 14 in the loving memory of her late husband Mr Ponty Chadha.

The Ponty Chadha foundation is an initiative of the wave group whose vision is to give back to the society and empower the communities. All the charitable activities are taken care of by the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) wing of the group. The wave group was envisioned by late Mr Kulwant Singh Chadha in 1963.

Back then, it all started with the sugarcane crushing business which expanded to the paper manufacturing unit in Bilaspur, Uttar Pradesh and later diversified to real estate, entertainment, education and sports. The Wave Group has also got its arms as the Wave City, Wave City Centre, Wave Estate as well as Wave One. The belief of charity runs in the blood of the entire Chadha clan. And this made them endow much more than they actually make, for the empowerment and augmentation of the society.

And with the said perception, came into being Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan and the Ponty Chadha foundation. Both the foundations are actively run and are the cornerstones of The Wave Group.

The most remarkable of all the noble woks done by The Ponty Chadha foundation is the health camp organized time and again. The sole mission of such camps is to reach out to the needy and aid them with free checkups and needful treatments. That being said, the foundation also provides free medicines as well as referrals to the poor.

This year, on the 18th of January, The Ponty Chadha foundation team visited Pipalheda village in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh along with the specialists of Dr. Ram Saran Garg (Indo-German) hospital. It started with an enticing Nukkad Natak followed by musical skit. The goal was to spread awareness about the importance of washing hands and keeping it sanitized as well as using toilets. The campaign also highlighted the slogan healthy mother=healthy family=healthy future.

The foundation has also organized free health camps in collaboration with the Indo German hospital. On being asked about the noble gesture, Mr Manjir Ghosh, Head CSR, Wave Group & CEO, the Ponty Chadha foundation has to say that it was the vision of our late chairman Mr Ponty Chadha to provide proper diagnostic facilities to the needy so that they do not suffer due to lack of capital. And this signifies the roots of the foundation that is all set on the path to eradicate situations where the needy do not get proper medical assistance owing to of financial constraints.

To eradicate poverty from the society and satiate the food and nutriment needs of the under privileged community of our society, The Ponty Chadha foundation also conducts food collection drives in Noida and Ghaziabad.

The foundation has also made a commendable contribution in rural sanitation and awareness regarding the same. The foundation is actively working in a cluster of directions to foster and foment a more vibrant future for the under privileged sections of the nation. Be it healthcare, nutrition, safety and security or education, The Ponty Chadha foundation has its reach to contribute to all the indispensable areas for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Way to go Chadhas… we hail you.


Health Camp – Ponty Chadha Foundation

As a socially responsible organisation, with the aim to meet the needs of the backward section of the society, the Ponty Chadha Foundation, popularly known as PCF, organizes free health camps every month in the villages of Noida and Ghaziabad. These camps are dedicated towards ensuring the health of the people living there.

This month again, two health camps were organised. One in the village of WAVE City and the second one in the village named Ikla, Rajapur in the district Ghaziabad, to provide medical care to poor patients, who otherwise are not able to afford the high treatment cost. Both these camps witnessed a massive overflow of patients, with a total resulting in 158 in WAVE City and 145 in Ikla.  A separate counter for registration was installed at the entrance of the camp, where every person who wished to get treated had to get themselves registered by providing their basic information.

The occupation in both these villages were agriculture and the major health problem being faced were skin issues and a flowing ear. The patients went through a thorough examination and were provided with medicines as per their problem. All expenses incurred during the health camp were paid off by the foundation.

Two doctors were present to aid the patients, with one of them being Dr. Ram Saran Garg who is from an Indo-German Hospital. He has been helping us to treat a lot of patients for quite sometime now and together we have been able to create many success stories.

Manjir Ghosh, the head of PCF said that the basic aim to run health camps was to create awareness among the poor population who due to lack of medical care are subjected to various diseases. These camps make sure that they get proper medical treatment and are saved from life taking ailments.

Health is of utmost importance and ought to be given the very first priority, but in a country like India where almost 70% population live in the rural areas, a proper medical treatment cannot be availed easily. Hence, we at PCF are doing our bit, and we urge you too to take a step today, for there are millions out there waiting for your help.

Let’s together make the world a better place to live in!

Ponty Chadha Foundation Supports MBCN’s School for Specially-Abled

Ponty Chadha, The Ponty Chadha Foundation, Ponty chadha Group, Mata Bhagwanti Chanda Niketan, School for specially abled

It’s been 18 years that Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), one of India’s largest schools for specially-abled, has been enabling the ‘children with special needs’. To commemorate the achievement, the school celebrated its 18th Annual Day today.

Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan works under the aegis of The Ponty Chadha Foundation that works towards the social and economic development of the society.

On this momentous occasion, the school also launched Vaakya, a picture based app designed for people who are speech impaired, and/or affected by autism, cerebral palsy and various other mental and physical conditions. The app can be customised by the user according to their special needs and doesn’t rely on internet connectivity.  Multiple user accounts can be created by adding multiple students/patients to the application with unique actions and speech specifications as per individual users. The speech associated with actions can be recorded and played back in any language, providing greater flexibility. It is available on Google Play Store for free of cost.

The school also launched a shopping portal, integrated with its website (www.mbcnschool.org), which allows customers to buy hand-made products made by the special children of the school under their programme Swayam. The handmade products are wedding gifts, packaging items, office stationery, paper bags and other gift products which from now will be available online for sale. Continue reading