Ponty Chadha Foundation Health Camp in Duriya & Kachera

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

This quote from Jim Rohn is just a simple set of words, but carries a very complex and deep meaning. Amidst the hustle & bustle of our lives, we forget to take care of our health and body, which later harms us in different ways. The situation however is worse with the underprivileged, who have to work tirelessly for long hours to feed their families. This ultimately takes a toll on their health, and leads to diseases and complications, which if not checked in time, leads to irreparable damage.

In order to make the lives of the rurals a bit easier, The Ponty Chadha Foundation organizes health camps that provide health services for free.

In the month of June and July, we visited 2 villages; Duryai and Kachera, which are located in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Soon after our arrival, the women, children and the elderly formed a line outside the clinic we had set up. A total of 242 hopeful villagers came to discuss their health issues, and each patient was screened by the specialists from Dr Ram Saran Garg Indo German Hospital.

From anemia, to maternal health, the doctors patiently listened to every health problem faced by the villagers and prescribed them with the suitable medications. Our team was swift in providing the villagers with the required medicine, and ensured that everyone was well taken care of.

People in the rural areas are often excluded from attaining health services due to various reasons, but the common one out of all is that of inadequate finances. Therefore, the Ponty Chadha Foundation has set up this mission to provide quality health services to the poor.
As an organization, our sole aim is to provide ample access to the essential medical services, which can help improve the life of those in need.

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7 ways to Empower Women

Ways to Empower Women

8th March is celebrated worldwide as International Women’s Day, a day when every individual pledges to honour, respect and value the women in their lives.

However, in a gender-biased society, how do we ensure gender parity all year long? In a world where women are often misjudged for the most trivial of choices, can we really say that women are empowered at all? Probably not.

Before we talk about how to empower women, we must first know why we need to. The reason is simple and universal. Women deserve to be empowered and deserve an equal footing because they certainly aren’t the weaker sex. It is their right to get all the opportunities and benefits that have been limited to men for years.

Ways to empower women!

Empowering a woman doesn’t mean giving her riches… Empowerment begins with small yet meaningful steps that bring about a positive change. Here are some easy ways to help empower women all around.

1. Ensure women’s safety
Out in the streets, women fight an unspoken war every day. Some are assaulted, some molested, and some violated. Truth be told, there is no safe haven for women anywhere, since most of these horrific cases occur inside homes and offices. While the government does need to initiate strict laws for the safety and security of women, we too need to keep our eyes open for wrongdoers.

2. Education
An educated girl can not only live life on her own terms, she can very well change the world. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to take that first step. From that urchin girl who begs for alms to that ragpicker who lives under the bridge, every girl needs and deserves to be educated. Teach one, teach all, and open new pathways for her bright future.

3. Healthcare
Safety isn’t just fighting criminals but also creating a safe, survivable environment for women all over. Ensure a safe, holistic environment and regular health check ups.

4. Save a Girl.
We focus on women empowerment every now and then, but how will we initiate the steps mentioned above when there will be no women? Girls in many parts of the world including India are killed before birth. Reason are many, but the consequences are horrific.

5. Teach job skills
A small skill is enough for a woman to start a career. Be it gardening, sewing or craftsmanship, these efforts can help them start a small-scale business of their own. Share new ideas with them and help them learn, because empowerment begins with small initiatives.

6. Raise your voice against gender inequality
Above all, raise your voice. Stand up for every woman and help decrease the prevalent gender disparity in all the stratas of society.

7. Give her Freedom
“Don’t travel late, stay within limits.” At every step we tend to imply restrictions on women. Now is the time to change the equation.
Don’t bind them in the chains of orthodox views. Give them the freedom they deserve.
If you wish to change something, broaden your mind and see what great achievers women can become.

Empowering women starts within our families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Appreciate those superheroes who start their day much before you and end it much later. Say thanks to your mom and that teacher who encouraged you years ago. Say thanks to your sister who inspires you at every step. Say thanks to your daughter, whose smile is enough to fill your day with happiness.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/inspiration/7-ways-to-empower-women/

Benefits of Skill Development – The Ponty Chadha Foundation

In general, skill development means developing the set of talents within yourself to add value to your life and to the organization to which you are associated with. However, it is not only about creating and fostering oneself but enhancing the potentials of others by conducting several skill development programs.

Skill development is a lifelong learning process where a person continuously seeks for improving, proving, and gaining the important benefits in life. One of the organizations “The Ponty Chadha Foundation” initiated by Mrs. Jatinder Kaur Chanda with the view of giving back to the society and creating a stronger base for the upcoming generation is successfully handing different services for skill development of the people in different areas. This foundation is engaged in providing skill training for underprivileged rural and urban youth, healthcare, special education campaign for differently abled children, their rehabilitation, and food security (“Corporate Social Responsibility Program – The Ponty Chadha Foundation“). All these programs are facilitating youth, children and people of rural and underprivileged section. Hence, skill development is a beneficial thing and in general its benefits are discussed below.

Skill development basically adds value to your life and others; a process of developing yourself and helping others to enhance through different trainings, seminars, educational centers, rehabilitations centers and many other skills enhancing programs. Let’s start analyzing the importance of skill development through an organizational framework. If you are a boss of a company, you will be successful in handling the workforce and other resources of the company as now you are skilled. Similarly, training and development to your workforce will strengthen the talent of your staffs which will create huge of better quality that is obvious for your company to gain success in the world market place.

Moreover, woman empowerment programs in the name of skill development can prove very effective in least development countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Cambodia where women are judged as second citizen of the nation on the basis of their gender irrespective of their real talents and capabilities. Such empowerment programs can modify their attitude, add skills on them and the main thing is they gain confidence to raise voice against injustice.

Furthermore, when men and women of a nation are provided with skill development programs, they can foster their entrepreneur skills so that their ideas are finally reflected in business activities creating employment to number of energetic and enthusiastic youth. The employment provide income, higher income means high standard of living, high purchasing power, high demand, high obligation to the organization to meet those demands which will force them to hire more workforce and the same cycle continues. When a development starts from a single territory of any nation, it will start growing gradually to other sectors finally leading to the development of the whole nation.

Hence, self development starts with developing yourself at first, helping other to develop and finally developing the whole nation.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12645938-benefits-of-skill-development-the-ponty-chadha-foundation.html


Health Camps organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation

The Ponty Chadha foundation is an initiative of the wave group whose vision is to give back to the society and empower the communities. All the charitable activities are taken care of by the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) wing of the group.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life with what we give.”

And with this motive in mind, Mrs Jatinder Kaur Chadha initiated The Ponty Chadha Foundation on September 14 in the loving memory of her late husband Mr Ponty Chadha.

The Ponty Chadha foundation is an initiative of the wave group whose vision is to give back to the society and empower the communities. All the charitable activities are taken care of by the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) wing of the group. The wave group was envisioned by late Mr Kulwant Singh Chadha in 1963.

Back then, it all started with the sugarcane crushing business which expanded to the paper manufacturing unit in Bilaspur, Uttar Pradesh and later diversified to real estate, entertainment, education and sports. The Wave Group has also got its arms as the Wave City, Wave City Centre, Wave Estate as well as Wave One. The belief of charity runs in the blood of the entire Chadha clan. And this made them endow much more than they actually make, for the empowerment and augmentation of the society.

And with the said perception, came into being Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan and the Ponty Chadha foundation. Both the foundations are actively run and are the cornerstones of The Wave Group.

The most remarkable of all the noble woks done by The Ponty Chadha foundation is the health camp organized time and again. The sole mission of such camps is to reach out to the needy and aid them with free checkups and needful treatments. That being said, the foundation also provides free medicines as well as referrals to the poor.

This year, on the 18th of January, The Ponty Chadha foundation team visited Pipalheda village in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh along with the specialists of Dr. Ram Saran Garg (Indo-German) hospital. It started with an enticing Nukkad Natak followed by musical skit. The goal was to spread awareness about the importance of washing hands and keeping it sanitized as well as using toilets. The campaign also highlighted the slogan healthy mother=healthy family=healthy future.

The foundation has also organized free health camps in collaboration with the Indo German hospital. On being asked about the noble gesture, Mr Manjir Ghosh, Head CSR, Wave Group & CEO, the Ponty Chadha foundation has to say that it was the vision of our late chairman Mr Ponty Chadha to provide proper diagnostic facilities to the needy so that they do not suffer due to lack of capital. And this signifies the roots of the foundation that is all set on the path to eradicate situations where the needy do not get proper medical assistance owing to of financial constraints.

To eradicate poverty from the society and satiate the food and nutriment needs of the under privileged community of our society, The Ponty Chadha foundation also conducts food collection drives in Noida and Ghaziabad.

The foundation has also made a commendable contribution in rural sanitation and awareness regarding the same. The foundation is actively working in a cluster of directions to foster and foment a more vibrant future for the under privileged sections of the nation. Be it healthcare, nutrition, safety and security or education, The Ponty Chadha foundation has its reach to contribute to all the indispensable areas for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Way to go Chadhas… we hail you.


Skills Academy’s newly launched course – Housekeeping service

The Ponty Chadha Foundation works in an array of directions to bring a revolutionary change in the overall ecosystem of the society. Be it education, healthcare, nutrition or security, the sole objective here is to foster the underprivileged for a better tomorrow.

This foundation has been running a skill academy course which supports the less fortunate  in skill development and makes them professionally qualified for the post of Security guards,  fire-fighters etc. They have now come up with a newly launched  Housekeeping service course in their on going initiative under the WAVE skill Academy. The main objective here is to boost the potential of the youth, coming from less privileged families. It is an endeavour to impart training to such candidates, thereby honing them with specialized skills , which would help them get employment.

House Keeping Service

Thousands of people migrate from rural, underdeveloped areas, to cities in order to find work. But this has not been very fruitful for them due to the lack of employment opportunities. This positive initiative by the Ponty Chadha foundation will help in bridging the gap between the rural and urban divide in India. The Ponty Chadha Foundation’s ongoing project, the Wave Skills Academy in Ghaziabad is an initiative to conduct skill development, and the idea is to specialize them in different skills and give them an opportunity to work and earn.

The Ponty Chadha Skills Academy helps young people realize their full productive potential through its skill and job placement programme in different sectors, such as security services, facilities management, fire-fighting, real estate and Housekeeping.

There are very good In-campus Facilities which have been initiated as well. The WAVE skill academy is spread over a 6 acre land in Dasna, Ghaziabad and has the capacity to train 120 to 150 trainees per training programme. The campus includes a residential accommodation, mess, kitchen, washrooms, training/lecture rooms, labs/simulation rooms, administrative block and stores. The institution will initially impart training programs in Housekeeping and facilities management/hospitality training.

The teachers here are in the ratio of 1:30 and the idea here is to impart training to multiple batches at a time. The training syllabus and curriculum will be according to the industry standards. Initially, candidates will be selected from rural areas. The candidate’s economic and educational profile followed by his or her willingness to take up employment will be the criteria for their selection.

While the curriculum will include technical aspects, soft skills and basic computer literacy, the methodology will encompass lectures, group work, peer learning, learning through audio-visual aids, practical sessions and real time on job training. To ensure the flow of an impeccable skills program, an advisory board inclusive of industry experts and senior in-house management of the WAVE Group will be formed.

This initiative by the Ponty Chadha Foundation will not only help in more employment opportunities for the rural, but will also help them in polishing their skills and motivating them.

Source: http://www.thepontychadhafoundation.org/blog/education/skills-academys-newly-launched-course-housekeeping-service/


Health Camp – Ponty Chadha Foundation

As a socially responsible organisation, with the aim to meet the needs of the backward section of the society, the Ponty Chadha Foundation, popularly known as PCF, organizes free health camps every month in the villages of Noida and Ghaziabad. These camps are dedicated towards ensuring the health of the people living there.

This month again, two health camps were organised. One in the village of WAVE City and the second one in the village named Ikla, Rajapur in the district Ghaziabad, to provide medical care to poor patients, who otherwise are not able to afford the high treatment cost. Both these camps witnessed a massive overflow of patients, with a total resulting in 158 in WAVE City and 145 in Ikla.  A separate counter for registration was installed at the entrance of the camp, where every person who wished to get treated had to get themselves registered by providing their basic information.

The occupation in both these villages were agriculture and the major health problem being faced were skin issues and a flowing ear. The patients went through a thorough examination and were provided with medicines as per their problem. All expenses incurred during the health camp were paid off by the foundation.

Two doctors were present to aid the patients, with one of them being Dr. Ram Saran Garg who is from an Indo-German Hospital. He has been helping us to treat a lot of patients for quite sometime now and together we have been able to create many success stories.

Manjir Ghosh, the head of PCF said that the basic aim to run health camps was to create awareness among the poor population who due to lack of medical care are subjected to various diseases. These camps make sure that they get proper medical treatment and are saved from life taking ailments.

Health is of utmost importance and ought to be given the very first priority, but in a country like India where almost 70% population live in the rural areas, a proper medical treatment cannot be availed easily. Hence, we at PCF are doing our bit, and we urge you too to take a step today, for there are millions out there waiting for your help.

Let’s together make the world a better place to live in!

Vaakya – A New Voice for the Voiceless

A picture-based application “Vaakya” has been launched by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) charitable school, to help differently-abled and speech impaired children and enable them to learn alternative and augmentative communication.

Introducing the main features of the app to the press representatives at a press briefing, Ms. Vandana Sharma, Director of the School told that, “The app is extremely helpful for the persons who have lost their power to speak or read. Besides, it will also help people affected by cerebral palsy, autism and several other mental and physical conditions“.

She further told that “The app is a combination of audio and custom images. An individual can relate to these images and phrases that will eventually lead towards his/her enhanced ability to communicate effectively. The app aims to make speech impaired persons self-reliant and independent“.

Vaakya in Hindi means “sentence” and the app is equipped with amazing and user-friendly features. This also allows to create multiple accounts, hence, parents/guardians, therapists and teachers can share and use images and actions particular to an individual person. Not only that, it combines custom images and audio that makes it free from language dependence. Further the speech linked with actions can be recorded in multiple languages. According to the estimates, respectively 7.5 % and 5.8 % of the total differently abled population in India face speech and hearing impairments. Therefore, this app is expected to help a considerable population all over India.

Vaakya, a free communication app for voiceless, launched by MBCN, is not internet dependent rather it uses the phone’s memory. It was made available free on Google play store on 16 February on the eve of School’s 18th annual day. It can be downloaded from; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edu.aut….

Other than the app, MBCN also launched an e-commerce portal that sells products made by the special students of the school under its vocational training program “Swayam”. Though not wide, but very special handmade products range from office stationery, gifts, wedding gifts, packaging items and paper bags. Like Vaakya this portal also has simple interface and contains all details including size, specifications and price of the products. This portal is connected to school’s website http://www.mbcnschool.org and customers can buy the products from there.

Based in Noida, India and founded in 1999 Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan School is one of the largest schools in India for differently abled children. It has been providing complete rehabilitation services to mentally and physically challenged children. Currently, the number of its beneficiaries is more than 1000 students. It is run by Ponty Chadha Foundation.

News Source: https://www.prlog.org/12640117-vaakya-new-voice-for-the-voiceless.html